In style by Mira!!!

               She is young, beautiful, always so positive and inspired by life,by her job, family and everything. She knows how to flirt with the camera and love is mutual…I am so happy she was my model for today….it was so colorful,relaxed and playful:)


TBSOH:Your name? Just Mira

TBSOH:Which are 5 of the most important pieces in your wardrobe? M.D.: Jeans,white shirt, chunky jewelry,LBD,high heels 

TBSOH:Something you don’t leave your home without?M.D.:my phone

TBSOH:Quantity or quality are the most important for you?M.D.:Quantity-fashion changes often. I get easily bored, so I want to look defferent every day. I have a few classic pieces (basics) in my wardrobe, but the rest is replaceable.

TBSOH:Loose or fitted clothes? M.D: Depends on the day,and how much I ate 🙂

TBSOH:What is your personal style?M.D.: Smart casual with A “twist”

TBSOH: What is your color crush in this moment? M.D.: royal blue

TBSOH:What brands your follow? M.D.: At the moment my absolutely favorite brand is MAJE. I will wear almost every piece in the store. I feel that everything was made for me 🙂

TBSOH:How is your normal day passing by? M.D.: Wake up my son for school,sleep some more, Gym, coffee+cigarette,friends,gossips,traveling around the world

TBSOH:What is your inspiration?M.D.: TV series & Fashion magazines

Thank you Miri!!! It was so easy and fun to photo shoot with you 😉 you are incredible!!! See you soon

location:Santana Row/San Jose,CA

Style:Emanuela Rangelov

Model; Mira Dimitrova

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  1. amazing model !!!!

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