Japanese garden shooting with Charlene!!!

            Today was an amazing day,I was so happy to have a great experience  with one of my favorite clients.Her name is Charlene and she is young and charming. She just moved from South California and accept to be my model and present some of the hottest trends of the season. For location we choose the Japanese garden,after cup of coffee with positive smile and enthusiasm we get started….Charlene agreed to answer for TBSOH on some playful question…….

TBSOH:Your name? C.P:-  Charlene

TBSOH:Which are 5 of the most important pieces in your wardrobe?

C.P:Little black dress, skinny jean,black blazer,ballet flats and pumps.

TBSOH:Something you don’t leave your home without? C.P:My smartphone is my life

TBSOH:Quantity or quality are the most important for you? C.P:Quality and timeless pieces that I can use over and over again

TBSOH:Loose or fitted clothes? C.P:Fitted, but I will always enjoy a loose sweater

TBSOH:What is your personal style? C.P:I love chic and classic clothing mixed with new trends

TBSOH: What is your color crush in this moment? Ch.P:I’m in love with red accents

TBSOH:What brands your follow? C.P:TopShop,Zara,Banana Republic

TBSOH:How is your normal day passing by?  C.P.:Drinking coffee,meetings at work,eating out at a new restaurant,and hitting the outdoors for a run

TBSOH:What is your inspiration? C.P.:Fashion blogs and street style

Thank you Charlene for being such a doll !!! see you soon


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