Just Tiffany…Wild,Bold and beautiful…..

             Today  I was excited to have Tiffany as a model:) She we so exotic,graceful and we had a lot of fun 🙂 She always is so funny and ready to pose for snapchat,dance with me and joke…:) We chose Nordstrom for location and we presented some of the fall trends, which we love and it’s seems so easy to mix and match them. Tiffany agreed to answer a few questions for TBSOH and I am so happy to share with you 🙂  

everything i used is collected from Nordstrom and you can shop it here: shop similar here shop  similar here similar here shop shop shop

TBSOH:Your name? T.B.:Tiffany Brown

TBSOH:Which are 5 of the most important pieces in your wardrobe? T.B:Jewelry,Shoes,tops,dresses,jackets

TBSOH:Something you don’t leave your home without? T.B:purse

TBSOH:Quantity or quality are the most important for you? T.B.:quality

TBSOH:Loose or fitted clothes? T.B.:fitted

TBSOH:What is your personal style? T.B.:hip and trendy

TBSOH: What is your color crush in this moment? T.B.:orange

TBSOH:What brands your follow? T.B.:Free people,Vince,Michael Kors

TBSOH:How is your normal day passing by? T.B.:carefree with no worries

TBSOH:What is your inspiration? T.B.: to be like my Grandmother,a very kind hearted woman

Thank you Tiffany,it wa so much fun and you was amazing ..see you :* XXX
Location:Nordstrom pleasanton
Style:Emanuela Rangelov
Model:Tiffany Brown
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