Overview-How to refresh your closet


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Did you ever felt like you have a lot of clothes ,but you still need a lot and still doesn`t have what to wear..!? I bet you did…I am sure that you already know some hacks-as-if you haven’t worn it in a year,toss it! Unfortunately that rule doesn`t account for what you do like and we always find excuse to keep some pieces which  has specific place in our heart,and even if we  know,that we gonna wear it-one day-but just don’t have regular use..we still are not ready to give up..So -this-pieces- usually confuse us,and make as feel as we have a lot, but just doesn’t work…


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From my experience I will give you some little tips -how to organize your wardrobe:

All of us has a signature style that we feel comfortable with and make us express our personality in the best way,so let’s start! Open your closet ,go through every piece and ask yourself ” Am I gonna wear all this, is this collection through the years doesn’t need some refreshment”?

So if your answers is -YES- Just be unconditional-get rid of everything unnecessary and build a carefully edited own collection of your signature pieces.

It can be around 35-40 pieces,including shoes, that could be mixed and matched to create an statement outfits, and if you prefer black, don’t blame yourself,many people keep repeating ” I wanna stay away from black..” but Black can be always different ,just accessorize with color-jewelry,shoes,purse even hair color,manicure or just a sexy lipstick….


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Before you start you cleaning “adventure” go through a few questions:

Am I gonna wear all this again
Am I gonna fit in this
How did i feel list time I wore this and etc…
If any of this questions the answer is “NO”-consider purging if from your collection.


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Sometime to clean your closet can be a hard time to take decisions, so Why to not have a close friend or a professional to help you (like in Sex and the city- Closet dress up Scene-when all the girlfriend has voted with “YES” and “NO’) It`s always so nice to have somebody for,at list- second opinion .

It is also easy to donate stuff ,when you have a support team telling you ,that those sparkly romper was unfortunate buy..


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After all my advice is,once you get rid of everything superfluous,edit-early-and-often principal, don`t wait for Christmas or New Year to start fresh, just start now, incorporate new pieces more often ,just a few, so to refresh your existing wardrobe in a way that will make you feel confident and stylish. Invest in timeless pieces-handbags,shoes, statement coat/jacket and be Yourself!

If you have hard time to go through all this,or have any questions,just let me know, I am here for you!

Best regards, Emma 

To be continued……

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