Bring luck and happiness

What to wear for the New year night ?The best advices of the Red Rooster according of each sign..

Fire Rooster is very cheerful, lively, colorful and incredibly bright bird. And although the fire is red, cock will not be offended if for the New Year`s Eve in our outfit has gold, silver,orange…..he does not mind even against whites..

Totem-made in Asia of 2017-loves everything bravely. This meets the latest trends, because at the time of the podium are all shiny objects,sequins and metallic

here are instructions for luck and happiness in the Year of the Fire cock by signs:


Bardot Jasmine Off the Shoulder Sheath Dress-119.00$

This sign is the luckiest one, because his leading color is red. Forceful and dynamic, red reflects the fiery nature of the Aries, so when you have a little red dress in your wardrobe and in the same time this is your totem color-so you are really lucky:)


Ted Baker London ‘Qinna – Horticultural Check’ Fit & Fare Dress-335.00$

The color of success for Taurus is blue. it`seems that  doesnt fit of the pyramid of warm hues-favorite of red Rooster , but we should not be disappointed, because this is one of the favourite colors this season. But if we want to be completely in style this season, we still can go with something yellow or gold-they also come in the spectrum of Taurus.


Dress the Population Ava Lace Minidress -SALE-124.00$

For representative of this sign yellow color is crucial. The color of Mercury brings  success to Gemini . If you want to replace the yellow,so gold is the best substitute. This will distract us from negative emotions and depressive moods.


SELF-PORTRAIT Wave Lace Minidress-410.00$

Cancer is a water sign and his ruling planet is moon, so doesn’t`t sound like water fit to fire ,because can be easily extinguished by the water , therefore the advice is to bet on white . As we already mentioned , Fire rooster respect this color and its a perfect alternative for New Year`s Eve.


Dress the Population Shelby Metallic Sheath Dress-218.00$

Like Aries, Leo enters the trio of fiery signs.Yellow and red -these are the absolute favorites that Rooster will appreciate. For backup accept dress in orange or white. These colors are useful to bear negative emotions and stress,by  chasing bad thoughts and stabilize mood. So,if you need to lift the mood, then you already know what to do 🙂


Topshop Animal Print Pleated Midi Dress-160.00$

The main color of this sign is brown. The crucial point is that this sign is not excited about bright colors. Virgo is calm, pacified kind, so perfect reflection of her inner self is the dress with discrete shades. For the New year`s Eve is good to pay attention to red-brown colored dress….This will satisfy the desires of the Fire Rooster.



Halston Heritage Cotton & Silk Fit & Flare Dress-445.00$

Blue and sky blue and derived shades-that`s it! Yes, the colors are cold but don`t waive them.As we said, Rooster loves everything vividly,so why not bet on skirt in metallic or sparkling fabric or one with sequins.So you can focus not on the color,but on the accompanying aspects.


SELF-PORTRAIT Symm Lace & Chiffon Midi Dress-475.00$

For Scorpio color range for New Year’s dress is more extensive than that of of other signs. Shades of dark red will provoke the  fantasy…Bordeaux,garnet,cherry and derivatives of violet,plum-all taken from Rooster..


Jill Jill Stuart Colorblock Popover Crepe Gown-SALE-178.88

According to the astrologers violet color will bring success to Sagittarius.Even today, he has a special aura of mystery. We have to accept that this color is different than the others -the whole thing is that is was  difficult  for it to be created using only natural materials for paints. So this rare color certainly has earned the glory of royal hue.Because only royalty had the opportunity to wear clothes in these hues. Why not follow their example?


Dress the Population Georgina Sequin Fit & Flare Dress-218.00$

The best color for Capricorn is brown, so this color definitely needs a little excitement-that`s mean it`s important to emphasize with makeup or jewelry.Usually brown is earthy color and symbolize stability,but if you don’t really like it, then replace it with a violet dress for the New Year`s Eve and have fun



Carmen Marc Valvo Infusion Metallic Jacquard Ballgown-268.80$

The color spectrum of Aquarius is quite varied,but stubborn,neither blue or green will appease Rooster. So as an option is the choice of sequins or jewels in metallic color.We recommend that you choose a peaceful coor, because bright colors can disrupt the balance of your mood for the New Year`s Eve.


Jill Jill Stuart Metallic Halter Gown-418.00$

Representatives of this sign, do not like red , the best colors for them are green ,silver, violet, purple. silver,no doubt,will be evaluated by Fire Rooster and our friends who are following the fashion trends. Violet and purple are also beneficial to your outfit for New Year`s Eve.

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  1. Such beautiful dresses a must have for New Year love your style Emma

    1. off course my dear…you always want everything <3

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