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Did you ever felt like you have a lot of clothes ,but you still need a lot and still doesn`t have what to wear..!? I bet you did…I am sure that you already know some hacks-as-if you haven’t worn it in a year,toss it! Unfortunately that rule doesn`t account for what you do like and we always find excuse to keep some pieces which  has specific place in our heart,and even if we  know,that we gonna wear it-one day-but just don’t have regular use..we still are not ready to give up..So -this-pieces- usually confuse us,and make as feel as we have a lot, but just doesn’t work…


From my experience I will give you some little tips -how to organize your wardrobe:

All of us has a signature style that we feel comfortable with and make us express our personality in the best way,so let’s start! Open your closet ,go through every piece and ask yourself ” Am I gonna wear all this, is this collection through the years doesn’t need some refreshment”?

So if your answers is -YES- Just be unconditional-get rid of everything unnecessary and build a carefully edited own collection of your signature pieces.

It can be around 35-40 pieces,including shoes, that could be mixed and matched to create an statement outfits, and if you prefer black, don’t blame yourself,many people keep repeating ” I wanna stay away from black..” but Black can be always different ,just accessorize with color-jewelry,shoes,purse even hair color,manicure or just a sexy lipstick….


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Before you start you cleaning “adventure” go through a few questions:

Am I gonna wear all this again
Am I gonna fit in this
How did i feel list time I wore this and etc…
If any of this questions the answer is “NO”-consider purging if from your collection.


Sometime to clean your closet can be a hard time to take decisions, so Why to not have a close friend or a professional to help you (like in Sex and the city- Closet dress up Scene-when all the girlfriend has voted with “YES” and “NO’) It`s always so nice to have somebody for,at list- second opinion .

It is also easy to donate stuff ,when you have a support team telling you ,that those sparkly romper was unfortunate buy..



After all my advice is,once you get rid of everything superfluous,edit-early-and-often principal, don`t wait for Christmas or New Year to start fresh, just start now, incorporate new pieces more often ,just a few, so to refresh your existing wardrobe in a way that will make you feel confident and stylish. Invest in timeless pieces-handbags,shoes, statement coat/jacket and be Yourself!

If you have hard time to go through all this,or have any questions,just let me know, I am here for you!

Best regards, Emma 

To be continued……


            Nordstrom /Pleasanton          

Just Tiffany…Wild,Bold and beautiful…..

             Today  I was excited to have Tiffany as a model:) She we so exotic,graceful and we had a lot of fun 🙂 She always is so funny and ready to pose for snapchat,dance with me and joke…:) We chose Nordstrom for location and we presented some of the fall trends, which we love and it’s seems so easy to mix and match them. Tiffany agreed to answer a few questions for TBSOH and I am so happy to share with you 🙂  

everything i used is collected from Nordstrom and you can shop it here: shop similar here shop  similar here similar here shop shop shop

TBSOH:Your name? T.B.:Tiffany Brown

TBSOH:Which are 5 of the most important pieces in your wardrobe? T.B:Jewelry,Shoes,tops,dresses,jackets

TBSOH:Something you don’t leave your home without? T.B:purse

TBSOH:Quantity or quality are the most important for you? T.B.:quality

TBSOH:Loose or fitted clothes? T.B.:fitted

TBSOH:What is your personal style? T.B.:hip and trendy

TBSOH: What is your color crush in this moment? T.B.:orange

TBSOH:What brands your follow? T.B.:Free people,Vince,Michael Kors

TBSOH:How is your normal day passing by? T.B.:carefree with no worries

TBSOH:What is your inspiration? T.B.: to be like my Grandmother,a very kind hearted woman

Thank you Tiffany,it wa so much fun and you was amazing ..see you :* XXX
Location:Nordstrom pleasanton
Style:Emanuela Rangelov
Model:Tiffany Brown


Santana Row/San Jose,CA

In style by Mira!

            She is young, beautiful, always so positive and inspired by life,by her job, family and everything. She knows how to flirt with the camera and love is mutual…I am so happy she was my model for today….it was so colorful,relaxed and playful:)


TBSOH:Your name? Just Mira

TBSOH:Which are 5 of the most important pieces in your wardrobe? M.D.: Jeans,white shirt, chunky jewelry,LBD,high heels 

TBSOH:Something you don’t leave your home without?M.D.:my phone

TBSOH:Quantity or quality are the most important for you?M.D.:Quantity-fashion changes often. I get easily bored, so I want to look different every day. I have a few classic pieces (basics) in my wardrobe, but the rest is replaceable.

TBSOH:Loose or fitted clothes? M.D: Depends on the day,and how much I ate 🙂

TBSOH:What is your personal style?M.D.: Smart casual with A “twist”

TBSOH: What is your color crush in this moment? M.D.: royal blue

TBSOH:What brands your follow? M.D.: At the moment my absolutely favorite brand is MAJE. I will wear almost every piece in the store. I feel that everything was made for me 🙂

TBSOH:How is your normal day passing by? M.D.: Wake up my son for school,sleep some more, Gym, coffee+cigarette,friends,gossips,traveling around the world

TBSOH:What is your inspiration?M.D.: TV series & Fashion magazines

Thank you Miri!!! It was so easy and fun to photo shoot with you 😉 you are incredible!!! See you soon

location:Santana Row/San Jose,CA


Japanese garden

         Today was an amazing day,I was so happy to have a great experience  with one of my favorite clients.Her name is Charlene and she is young and charming. She just moved from South California and accept to be my model and present some of the hottest trends of the season. For location we choose the Japanese garden,after cup of coffee with positive smile and enthusiasm we get started….Charlene agreed to answer for TBSOH on some playful question…….

TBSOH:Your name? C.P:-  Charlene

TBSOH:Which are 5 of the most important pieces in your wardrobe?

C.P:Little black dress, skinny jean,black blazer,ballet flats and pumps.

TBSOH:Something you don’t leave your home without? C.P:My smartphone is my life

TBSOH:Quantity or quality are the most important for you? C.P:Quality and timeless pieces that I can use over and over again

TBSOH:Loose or fitted clothes? C.P:Fitted, but I will always enjoy a loose sweater

TBSOH:What is your personal style? C.P:I love chic and classic clothing mixed with new trends

TBSOH: What is your color crush in this moment? Ch.P:I’m in love with red accents

TBSOH:What brands your follow? C.P:TopShop,Zara,Banana Republic

TBSOH:How is your normal day passing by?  C.P.:Drinking coffee,meetings at work,eating out at a new restaurant,and hitting the outdoors for a run

TBSOH:What is your inspiration? C.P.:Fashion blogs and street style

Thank you Charlene for being such a doll !!! see you soon




“Fabrics floated, danced and folded with the movement of the body, with the calm femininity and clean modernism”