This is one-on-one shopping session which is customized to suit your individual needs,style and budget. I will meet you in Nordstrom in advance, and will choose styles based on your personal style and desire. I will  set up a room with all the items in your size so to ensure you smooth and exciting  shopping experience. I will share styling tips during all the process so you can get the idea how to mix and match pieces and ensemble looks from head to toe. I will teach you how to incorporate the new pieces into your existing wardrobe.

Comission based. You are paing just for what you buy. For San Francisco, Bay Area CA


Don’t have time or doesn’t like to shop? No worries- I will be there for you, I will shop for you, from gifts to clothing. Simply email me and let me know what you need. I will go,will find it for you,will purchase and will shipped directly to you.

Comiision based. You are paing just for what you buy and if any shipping apears. Worldwide 


This is a shopping session in which after a brief interview with you, I will pre-shop everything that you need , matching on your needs,lifestyle and budget and will meet you for one-on-one  session during which you will try all the outfits(including clothes,shoes,jewelry and etc) , I will teach you how to mix and match them and how to integrate in your existing wardrobe. After all you will keep everything you want and love. During the session I will make digital pictures for a style portfolio ,which will be provide for future ideas.

Comission based. You are paing just for what you buy. for San Francisco Bay Area CA

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