About Emanuela


“All of my customers are unique and special in their own way. They are highly successful and busy people who are looking for a personalized style that highlights their personality. My mission is to find their individual fashion style and enhance it to bring out the best in them.

My clients go back happier, more confident, and more fashionable than before, and that is what gives me great satisfaction and value in my work.” 

Originally from Eastern Europe, I invested a lot of my time and effort there for establishing myself as a fashion stylist. I loved every bit of my work, the tiniest of details and gained valuable firsthand experience and I felt like I had to move and create a space of my own, for the people Who I can Inspire and help to find the best part of themselves.

That’s how “The Brunette Sense of Humor” came to be.

I, the Brunette, will take you on a tasteful journey of self-discovery, helping you find the perfect way to be truly comfortable with your style choices.

I work with both individuals and organizations to find the best and unique style that goes with their personality and values. Having worked with and for big names like Grazia, YOU, Golden Rose, Goldwell, Max Mara, and curently with Nordstrom, I am well-versed on creating your own fashion statement without spending a fortune.

It is a universal fact that we feel good when we look good. I want the same for my clients. You can trust me because when I tell you there exists a particular shade of red lipstick for everyone, there does! So does a perfect pair of jeans – and I can help you find it.

I do more than just help people pick out dresses for their formal or everyday attire – I help them put together their very own fashion sense, one that complements their whole vibe. I am a staunch believer in individuality, and as much as I advocate wearing six inch heels everywhere, I know that this might not work for everyone. I will help you understand the ups and downs of the fashion world and guide you on incorporating them in your lifestyle, in your own special way.

Fashion goes beyond what you have hanging in your wardrobe – our ideas, lifestyle, personal choices and everything else in between is what fashion is all about.